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~~Ark Stationery have been in stationery sector since 1925 and started to produce fair price and customer satisfaction principle in 1978.

ARK produces more than 300 products with developing technology. We supply to various mega supermarkets locally an export more than 60 countries around the globe by ISO 9001:2008 and SGS

Ark which has eco-tecnic and healthy life thought, developing technology produces meticulously an subscribes to education and all of Ark products has been certified by independent labratories and SGS.

ARK that produces Office and school products is 0 domestic capital

Office products(Document trays, Magazine Racks, Pen Stands, Dustbins etc) , School Products(Rulers, Drawing Sets, Earesers,Counting beans and sets etc.) , Promotion sets.

SR 22.00 (SR 25.30 inclusive of VAT)
SR 15.00 (SR 17.25 inclusive of VAT)