Basilur, Sencha Green Tea Capsule (10 x 2 gm)

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Basilur Luxury Tea, Sencha Green Tea Capsule (10 x 2 gm)

Sencha Tea is unique in its goodness. The tea leaves are gently steamed immediately after they've been plucked, ensuring the characteristic colour of the brew and the smoothness of the taste.

Smooth and mild in taste and having rich yellow colour of the cup this brew made out of pure Ceylon high grown green tea is full of antioxidants that will keep you energized and healthy through any endeavors.


Fresh tea packed into a capsule with a filter layer and then sealed off by a lid

Units per carton = 10 Capsules

Net weight Unit - 2g per capsule (Total 20g)

Ingredients - 100% Pure Ceylon black tea ,no additives .

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