Time Recorder, AMANO, Model: BX6000

SR 3,635.00
(SR 4,180.25 inclusive of VAT)

Time Recorder, AMANO, Model: BX6000


Automatically advances year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time

Prints time in regular or military time; AM or PM, 0-23 hours, minutes, tenths or hundredths

Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll

Daily attendance count

Auto card feed/print

Two color print, signal and melody models available

Single color printing

Month, date, day LED display

Large, easy to read clock dial

Battery backup

Table or wall mount

3 years of total power failure(all funtions other than internal clock stop)

The full power reserve maintains the following
*The clock, 2-color selection, time signal, melody, and printing position for up to 72 hours
*The printing frequency depends on the working conditions: 200 printings with 2-color select in and melody for up to 72 hours. When the time recorder is operated with full reserve. the IN/OUT indicator goes on and off.

Data Sheet (AMANO_BX6000_TRA00065.pdf, 1,123 Kb) [Download]

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