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Tape, Glue & Adhesive

Glue, KEYROAD, Liquid Glue, 50 ml, 24 Pack/ Box
SR 28.00
SR 30.00
SR 30.00
SR 36.00
Glue, KORES,  Super Glue Gel, 1 Gram, 24 PC/Pack
SR 94.00
SR 140.00
SR 149.00
Glue, KORES, Super Glue Gel, 3 Grams, 24 PC/Pack
SR 75.00
Glue, SCOTCH, 3M, Super Glue, 2 Grams, 4 PC/Pk
SR 11.00
SR 55.00
SR 36.00
Glue, SIMBA, Glue Stick, 35 g, 12 PC/Pack
SR 36.00
Glue, SIMBA, Glue Stick, 8 g, 30 PC/Pack
SR 36.00
SR 23.00
SR 30.00
SR 18.00
SR 19.00
SR 30.00
Glue, Tiwan, Mini Glue Gun LC-101T, Small, 220 volte, Black
SR 25.00
Glue, UHU Glue stick, 21g
SR 5.00
Glue, UHU Glue stick, 40g
SR 7.00
SR 4.00
SR 58.00
SR 5.00


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