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In 1986, Indomie instant noodles were first introduced into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, merging Asia and Saudi Arabia into one world, one of quintessential and absolutely riveting-in-taste noodles. Indomie’s premium wheat noodles are now part of every Saudi home. Indomie’s factory produces up to 2 million packs a day in Jeddah alone, where it opened in 1994. It was then that a Saudi company first shook hands with the world’s largest noodle manufacturer and setup a state-of-the-art plant known as “Pinehill Arabia Food Limited” thus making Saudi Arabia a self-sufficient producer of Indomie instant noodles. It didn’t take long for Saudis to acquire a taste for Indomie’s flavored noodles and PAFL steadily distributed Indomie across the Kingdom, soon thereafter exporting it to all Arabic countries and soon enough on a global scale.