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Payment Policy

· The preferred method of payment on our website is the web secure payment system using a debit/Anchor card and SADAD. Make sure you protect your debit/credit card number. Because of the latest electronic protection techniques, we now accept Visa Card and MasterCard. There are no additional charges when you pay with a debit/credit card. This saves you time and ensures a faster payment process.

· You can also pay by cash when you receive your purchases or pay using a debit/credit card if the purchase amount is less than 500 SAR.

· You have the option to pay by cash upon receiving your order from the courier company. This service is provided to our customers at an additional cost from the shipping company. We will add this one fee to your order, regardless of the number of products that are contained in the order. Please note that this service is available only to customers inside Saudi Arabia and the fee is 20 SAR.

· You will not incur any additional charges (cash on delivery fees) if you choose to pre-pay using a debit/credit card. This will speed up the payment process and your order will be delivered to you sooner.

· We guarantee you a 100% safe shopping experience.

· We do not store debit/credit card numbers on our systems. Your payment details are protected before being transmitted using the latest electronic protection that follow the highest safety standards. Customers must protect their passwords; personal data and debit/credit card details and not share this information with others.

· We use your personal information only for purposes related to completing customer orders. We will not disclose this information to any third party under any circumstances.

· Your debit/credit card maybe rejected for a number of reasons, including doubt of the validity of the card or mail service shopping not available. If this happens, contact your bank and ask them to provide this service for your card.

· Make sure you enter your data correctly (debit/credit card number; the full name on the debit/credit card; the three numbers on the back of the card). This ensures the protection of your card.

· If you are having difficulties in making a payment, you can contact us at the numbers on website or use contact us form.


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